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Colorado Wins P&G Championships

Congratulations to Yul Muldauer and Vladimir Artemev





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2020-2021 Assignments by Competition

Updated June 14, 2021 01:21 pm


2020-2021 Assignments by Judge

Updated June 14, 2021 01:21 pm



All 2020-2021 Assignments by Competition

Updated January 02, 2020


All 2020-2021 Assignments by Judge

Updated January 02, 2020


CGJA Fee Schedule

Updated January 24, 2020


Competition Locations

Updated December 21, 2019


CGJA Constitution

Approved November 17, 2007


CGJA Bylaws

Approved November 17, 2011


2019-2020 Judges' List

Rating Email Address Other Responsibilities
Stephen Artemis National
Wyatt Baier National
Michael Brey National CGJA Assigning Director
Robert Busse National CGJA President, Region 9 JO RTD
Alex Cresci National
Bear Danley Brevet
Denise Finning JO
Karl Gribb National
John Hsin National
David Juszczyk National
Todd Leach National
Kaiser Mock National
Marilyn Moran National
Grant Osborne National
Kathy Perry National
Jonathan Portillo Brevet JO NAL (PB)
Nathan Ragland National
Brian Richmond Brevet NGJA, CGJA Treasurer
Yosef Salzano National
John Scanlan Brevet
Dean Schott Brevet NGJA Technical Vice President
Kyle Turner National
Kevin Watson JO
Zane Zeeman National